Raw Fish : Varieties
Tilapia : Whole fish -Fresh &Chilled, Head-on Gutted, Headless Gutted, Fish Fillets, Curry cut/Steaks
Pangasius : Whole fish -Fresh &Chilled, Head-on Gutted, Headless Gutted, Fish Fillets, Curry cut/Steaks
Rohu : Whole fish -Fresh &Chilled, Curry Cut/Steaks, Head-on Gutted
Catla : Whole fish - Fresh &Chilled, Curry Cut/Steaks, Head- on Gutted
Value Added Fish Products
Fish Burgers / Cutlets

Fish based diet is becoming a significant part of our meals in India and cutlets are something that always grown up eating, especially during parties and such. While most people living in cities will face it little un comfortable to clean and prepare fish before cooking. GMAFP offer a hygienic way of fish cutlets that are highly nutritive and very tasty.

Fish Balls

Fish balls are a common food in South East Asia which are made from "fish paste". They are also common in Scandinavia and some European countries. Fish paste can be made from a variety of fishes and prawns. Extremely useful, these fish foods can be stored for long without loosing its taste or quality.

Fish Pickles

The fish matures in vinegar, salt and spices binds it completely.When the acids kick in, the fish just shreds in your mouth with a burst of flavors! We present spicy and extremely tasty fish pickles for the pickle lovers all over the world.

Fish Fingers

Finger fish is used all around the world as a popular starter. These are mades so well in terms of taste and texture. Restaurants love to server fish fingers along with a mayo or tomato sauce. We take this fish finger to another level by seasoning it to the perfection. These fish fingers are crispy and healthy food item that can be taken by kids to aged people.

Fish Samosa

Fish Samosa is one of the most favored snack item in all over India. People use to devour it with gluttonous pleasures. Foods like Chowmein, Dimsums (Momos), Rolls, Pizzas and Burgers are less healthy than fish samosas. Fish samosa contains vital minerals like Omega 3 fatty acids and can reduce bad cholesterol in your body.

Fish Products

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